Origin Story

Hi, I’m Spiritune’s founder and CEO, Jamie Pabst.

I’ve been committed to bringing music’s therapeutic potential to people and enterprises ever since my own struggles with stress in the workplace spanning 10 years in NYC finance and realizing the lack of resources that feel accessible and impactful in addressing mental health. When I realized this is a global problem, I had to do something about it - and with a solution I knew could help.

Music is one of the most powerful stimuli that addresses the brain networks that underlie stress, emotions, motivation and reward. My vision to combine the effectiveness of music therapy and the accessibility of audio to help people better manage stress drove the creation of Spiritune. Appreciating the role our auditory system plays in our health through my mom’s hearing loss, and understanding the significance of music in neurological function through my sister’s pursuits in music therapy, I am dedicated to bringing the vast benefits of music to people and organizations globally to create better health outcomes. In a world where a majority of people wear headphones, Spiritune is creating a world where those headphones can become health tools, allowing people to support their emotional health - and to feel and perform better - everyday.

Meet The Team

Jamie Pabst

Founder & CEO

After a stressful 10 years in the NYC finance industry, Jamie Pabst found that her “stress in the workplace” problem was a global problem that needed to be addressed with new science-based solutions. Her personal experience in sound’s therapeutic properties from growing up with a mother with hearing loss and a sister entering the world of music therapy led her to start Spiritune. Spiritune is modernizing mental health with it’s scientific, music-based approach to mental health, helping users reduce stress, regulate emotions and improve focus and productivity.

Concetta Tomaino

Music Therapy Advisor & Executive Director of The Institute for Music & Neurologic Function

Dr. Tomaino is a pioneer in the field of music therapy.  Prior to founding IMNF, Dr. Tomaino was Senior Vice President for Music Therapy at CenterLight Health System, (formerly Beth Abraham Family of Health Services). Internationally known for her research in the clinical applications of music and neurologic rehabilitation, Dr. Tomaino lectures around the world to help students and doctors alike to understand the healing powers of music.

Daniel Bowling

Neuroscience Advisor & Instructor in the Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Bowling is a neuroscientist focused on auditory-vocal function in human health, including the biological basis of music's impact on health and wellness. He received his PhD in Neurobiology from Duke University School of Medicine. He also holds graduate certificates in Cognitive Neuroscience and Translational Medicine. Dr. Bowling's expertise covers neuroscientific, psychological, bioacoustic, evolutionary, and clinical perspectives on musical behavior and cognition. His work applies this multidisciplinary background to improve our condition across a variety of functional disorders.

It's more than music, it's science

At Spiritune, we take a scientific approach to creating music. By leveraging clinically informed, evidence-based research in music therapy and neuroscience from leading institutions like NYU and Stanford, Spiritune has identified the specific musical characteristics that invoke certain emotions in the brain. Our scientific advisors and composers work together to deliver compositions optimized and adapted around those musical characteristics to help create tracks that work harder for your health.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reimagine mental health through music to help all people live healthier, happier lives.  We believe that music is meant to work harder for your health, and through the lens of science we can optimize health outcomes for all people around the globe.

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