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Spiritune for work helps reduce employee stress and increase productivity.

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Stress leads to employee productivity losses and absenteeism costs that exceed $225 billion dollars annually according to the American Institute of Stress.

The Spiritune Solution


Our customer spirit team is on hand to onboard and optimize the experience so that your employees can seamlessly integrate Spiritune into their professional workflows and personal routines.


We’ve built our music-based therapeutic app alongside leading experts from Stanford and NYU combining principles of music therapy and neuroscience to help employees destress, focus more, and better manage their emotions.

Stress meaningfully impacts the length of employee tenure, with the International Labour Organization reporting that 40 percent of employee turnover is due to stress.

The Science of Spiritune

Enter Your Current Emotion

Employees open the application and enter their current emotion.

Choose How You
Want to Feel

Employees choose to transition to a more relaxed or productive state.

Feel Better in

Spiritune has helped more than 90 percent of our users reach their emotional goals.

89 percent of people agree that music is essential to their wellbeing according to a study conducted by British Academy of Sound Therapy. Spiritune draws from principles of music therapy, which has been shown to naturally lower stress levels as well as improve performance.

That's The Spirit!

"I’ve often felt that my regular playlists weren’t “in tune” with the way I wanted to feel, especially when I needed them to help me destress. Spiritune’s ability to seamlessly propel me into my desired state of mind never fails”
- Kaitlyn Wood
Corporate Citizenship, Blackstone

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