Spiritune joins Galileo’s suite of mental health care services

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March 22, 2024

We’re excited to share that modern medical practice Galileo now offers Spiritune as part of its mental health services offered to employers with 20+ employees. 

What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that employers that partner with Galileo this year can provide their workforces with our therapeutic music app for a more integrated and comprehensive health care offering. 

Galileo works with employers to make 24/7 access to the highest quality virtual primary and specialty care (including mental health care) more affordable – for employees and employers alike.

Galileo’s mental health care programs have proven deeply successful when it comes to reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression and generally improving overall wellbeing: 90% of patients experienced clinically significant improvement in six weeks and the average time to find a mental health treatment plan is 12 hours compared to the national average of six weeks.

That success can be attributed to Galileo’s evidence-based and programmatic approach to therapy and coaching. 

And the medical practice is already seeing success with the recent inclusion of Spiritune: Over the course of a six week period, patients with access to music-based therapy saw a 30% improvement in their mental health scores. 

“Our partnership with Galileo represents what exceptional care can look like from a whole-person health perspective. I’m thrilled to see our shared vision of holistic, integrated care come to life, where multidimensional care can be achieved for multi-dimensional people,” Spiritune founder Jamie Pabst says. “By combining Spiritune's therapeutic music approach with Galileo's modern medical practice, we've already seen significant improvement in mental health engagement and outcomes, representing a great example of what a great integrated care partnership can look like, and I’m excited that Spiritune is now available through Galileo employer contracts going forward.”

We deeply align with Galileo’s mission to make health care more accessible, affordable, and effective. Since Spiritune's inception, we've been dedicated to delivering science-grounded music medicine at your fingertips, so we are thrilled to extend our mission as part of Galileo’s suite of mental health solutions to broaden the clinical benefits of music through this integrated care partnership.

The full suite of offerings also include primary-care physician led mental health care, a self-guided CBT skills program, and virtual therapy and coaching. 

"It can be challenging for people to ascertain not only when to seek out mental healthcare but also which level of services are appropriate for their current symptoms,” Kristen Scarlett, Galileo’s behavioral health lead, says. “Galileo’s integrated approach allows providers to identify behavioral health needs early, and the robust suite of mental health services allows people to engage in care at the right level so their treatment is both efficient and effective.” 

You can read more about how Galileo is deepening their integrated behavioral healthcare offering for employees with Spiritune here.

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